Skin Professionals UK came together as a group of like-minded Skin Professionals during the pandemic.

We had more time to share ideas and develop friendships. This led us to join together as The Skin Professionals UK. We wanted to grow a community to ignite this passion for Skin Professionals to flourish. To create a platform specifically for those specialising in skin with recognition and a safe space to ask any questions and discuss best practice.

Skin Professionals UK was created as a private Facebook community in January 2022 with the vision to empower beauty therapists to deepen their knowledge to become trusted Skin Professionals.



BTEC | PTLLS | Assessors Award 

Waxing & beauty guru, evermore specialising as The Skin Guru based at MediaCity in Manchester. I love helping individuals achieve their skin goals and work in partnership with my clients; combining my 360 approach and clinically proven technologies.

I'm passionate about industry standards and equity. I'm an industry educator, advisor to HABIA, VCTC, The FNP and The British Beauty Council. I have columns in trade publications and I'm dedicated to promoting Trans and HIV awareness. I'm proud to be part of this collective of Skin Professionals.


30+ years experience

Hi I'm Maria, and I'm a Corneotherapist, solo skin pro’s business mentor & clinic owner based in Northamptonshire. I'm passionate about skin, and underpinning everything I do is the way I work. Years of experience has taught me that optimal skin health is not achieved by any one thing. In fact, it's lots of things working together in harmony. From this philosophy SK-INTELLEKT®, my methodology for success was born. I love to educate and inspire people to care about skin. There are no gimmicks, no quick fixes and no false promises in my world. 


MSc Hons | Skin Professional | Nutritional Therapist

I struggled for over 30 years with my own skin before retraining in Skin. It is 100% my why! I graduated from teenage hormonal skin to adult acne and now I am fighting menopausal skin and those pesky wrinkles. 

Working in the private sector as an Environmental Scientist for over 10 years, I retrained after having my family to pursue a journey in the skincare industry where I have been ever since. 

Whist I still have a handful of clients, I am now helping other Skin Professionals with visual content whilst promoting my passion for feeding the skin from within with healthy and nutritious, easy to cook family food!