Your Beauty Wedding Countdown

Apr 19, 2023

Skin Professionals UK have pooled our collective experience to enable beauty therapists and skin professionals to help ANYONE who is getting married - men, women and non-binary folk. Remember to use inclusive language such as the words “Bride, Groom and Marrier”. 

When someone tells a Skin Professional that they have set a date for their wedding, it’s like music to their ears. This is because we typically get at least a year to prepare someone for their big day – not the normal rush a “week before” a holiday, or the “day before” a big night out. 

Why does this elate us so much? Read on for the lowdown on how you can take your clients on their journey towards married life with our countdown to wedding beauty. 

The Skin of Their Dreams 

Like anything, great skin doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a glowing, (nearly) flawless canvas for wedding make up takes time. Time people don’t normally have. Great skin cannot be rushed - like an artist creating a masterpiece, as a Skin Professional you need to nurture and feed your clients skin to get the results they desire - but make sure you manage their expectations and are doing their bit at home too.  

Skin needs to be respected and treated in a way that makes it happy. Happy skin is healthy and luminous but it is also key that we consider the perceived imperfections that our clients may have and look beyond the surface.  A 360° approach should be considered and an Awesome Skin Consultation™️ can give you a better understanding of your clients wants and needs.  If you want to find out more about how to make your Skin Consultation simply awesome then you can find out more by searching Skin Professionals UK on Facebook

Wax on Wax off

Hair removal tells a similar story. Those clients that have had a one-off pre-holiday wax will know that smooth skin it does not create. Due to the growth cycle of hair, waxing needs to be a regular practice, and the first few waxes are never “all that”. Get your client to start ASAP and then the results will be amazing for the big day and honeymoon.

Perfect Nails 

Gone are the days where clients have to grow their nails, but with builder gels and extensions anything can be created even at short notice. Just make sure you are able to fix any repairs by doing their wedding nails with a working day available should a break or smudge occur. Don’t forget to include everyone in this  - grooms will be having their nails photographed too.

Power Brows 

Brows can need varied attention – for those blessed with thick under plucked brows, a one-off shape can do the trick (not forgetting the ever-important trial. But, if your client thought Sara Cox or Pammy A’s brows were totally on point in the 90’s, they may need a little more help. Brows can always be drawn on, but it makes sense to sort them out, so those honeymoon pics follow suit. 

If this is the case, advise whether they need shaping, tinting, Henna or permanent make-up to get the results they want. 

Lash Time 

Time to talk lashes… in our opinion there are 4 options… 1. stay as you are, and the make-up artist will use a strip lash, 2. apply a set of extensions, 3. a lash lift 4. retail a lash growth serum like Revitalash. Trials for lash lift and extensions are vital (the pre-wedding party is a great time for this!). 

Tanned and Ready

To tan or not to tan? Again – get your client to have a  trial and see how they feel... use your power of persuasion to avoid the dreaded pre-wedding sunbed sessions, and instead as their trusted Skin Professional, suggest that they opt for their au-naturel shade or an expertly applied spray tan.  

If you don’t offer tans, lashes or nails, then find someone local who you can recommend and vice versa. Set up a business relationship which is mutually beneficial and you both win! 

Silky Soft Skin

What about body treatments? If your client suffers from “back-ne” then get them to invest in a course of treatments for that area. Acne is a massive topic and can be treated using a 360° approach, but as Skin Pros we can help with this alongside face treatments. A relaxing massage the week before the wedding is also a great idea to reduce stress and add to the pamper – get them booked in to enjoy some “me time!” Most people getting married end up on some sort of fitness plan so if you offer salon treatments that can help to shift those last bits of stubborn fat – make sure you recommend those too. 


What can your clients do at home? Get your couples into a homecare routine and follow your skin care plan. Diet, hydration, stress and sleep will all play a part in their well-being in the run up to the big day - both physically and mentally. 

The Countdown

A year to go:

If you are working with problematic skin, it is never too early to start – get your client on a plan and start now.  Get them in for their Awesome Skin Consultation™️ to find out what their wants and desires are. Create a bespoke skin strategy which will probably include homecare and might include treatments, but don’t be too rigid as things might and probably will change. 

Six months or more to go:

Start them on their  waxing journey which might include their brows if they need shape correction.

Hen/Stag/Sten Party:

Trial time for tans and lashes.

4 weeks to go:

Getting your clients hands and feet in good condition now means you can keep them in check just before the big day.

Two weeks to go:

A lash lift always looks softer on week 2, so get that lash lift booked in.  

One week to go:

Your clients last facial should be a hydrating, glowing treatment, ideally with supercharging LED light and some lymphatic drainage  massage. 

Offer one last brow shape – threading only so as not to risk grazing the skin. 

Waxing needs to be done (if not having a tan skip this to anytime days -4 to -2). 

3 days before:

Book the spray tan.

2 days before:

Wedding nails can be anytime this week, depending on how well they typically last - if you are doing polish, have them done the day before the wedding and make sure you have colour to touch up and top-coat.)

Recommend that your client doesn’t have any hot baths from now on.

Retail a body moisturiser and get them to apply it – head to toe! 

The gift of giving is always pretty cool and what is not to love about giving your client a little pre-wedding gift such as a hydrating mask like the Fillmed Hyaluronic Youth Mask to use at home and a meditation recording to help calm those pre-wedding nerves.

The day before:

Remind them to have some “me” time the day before the wedding with a meditation or some relaxation by reading a book. 

On the day:

The only thing your client  needs to do is what they normally do… wash their face, apply serums and spf (don’t forget!) and don’t use those nails as tools (jewels not tools!). 


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